The company established in 2012 but with 38 years of experience in the manufacture and assembly of aluminum frames, iron structures and stainless steel works.

Production capacity is ensured by the ongoing training of human resources and upgrading of technical means, which results in a competitive advantage in markets with extreme volatility.

Soltoperfil, Lda, follows the evolution of the market, determining and adjusting to new techniques and fashions, always seeking to achieve customer satisfaction, which is reinforced by the close relationship it maintains with them.

At Soltoperfil, Lda, Quality is understood as a fundamental objective through a permanent attitude towards the consolidation of its position in the market, through integral and innovative solutions from the project to the installation. The company thus understands that the quality vector is a fundamental guideline, with warranty and after-sales service.

As a Business Mission Soltoperfil, lda defined as being the recognition of the reference metalwork in the area of Braga.

To increase the facilities, the solutions to our clients and to possess the human resources with the necessary technical skills, to execute the services that we made available and idealized by our clients.

Maintaining a good relationship with the customer is as important as taking care of the quality of our products and services. Thus, our values are based on:

  • Trust / Credibility
  • Competence
  • Honesty
  • Compliance with agreements
  • Pro-activity

Acting with transparency, valuing our employees and respecting customers and suppliers with whom the company relates is very important to promote long lasting bonds of trust and ethics.