Shutter System, which offers the possibility of two types of blades:

• Fixed blades;
• Adjustable blades.

The adjustable blades allow a total regulation, there is thus a brightness control of the interior.

The sections of frame and leaf piece are 47 mm and 40 mm respectively, with an average thickness of aluminium profiles of 1,5 mm.

This new system provides a high speed of assembly, as well, it is bearer an especial camera not European. Do not use adjoining profiles thanks to the physiognomy of the leaf, using only a small doorpost profile.

Opening possibilities:
• Exterior opening: 1 Leaf, 2 Leaves, 3 Leaves and 4 Leaves.
• Sliding: 1 and 2 Leaves.
• Folding.

• Polyester powder coated colours;
• Wood effect paint;
• Anodizing.