In this system the placement of glasses is held by scenes in which it is put a anodized profile special for the collage with structural silicon, thus the glass completely hidden the profiles, buying this type of façade a exterior view only of glass.

The section within sight of the columns and transverses is 65 mm. Both profiles have channels for drainage and ventilation, ensuring together with the system of boards of EPDM, a tightness and maximum permeability.

Optionally, there is a special security profile that avoids the effort of cutting glass.

There is a possibility of this system with Thermal rupture.

• Polyester powder coated colours
• Wood effect paint
• Anodizing

The bar that receives the glass must have a special anodization, needed to ensure a perfect collage of glass with structural silicon.

Opening possibilities:
• Opening Projecting-sliding Conducted through compasses stain steel, with a resistance to 180 Kg. Both leaves are fixed as Projecting-sliding are manufactured with the same profile, thus providing its indistinction exterior.