Light curtain wall System with exterior glass fixed by clamps and fastening parts of attachment, either rotating or fixed.

The small clamps manufactured in stainless steel are fixed to the support pieces of glass. The glass is previously mechanized to allow its attachment to the structure.

The pieces of attachment have the following advantages:
• Facilitate the placement of the glass;
• Weaken the deformations produced in the glass (pressure of the wind, dilatations, …);
• They allow correcting construction defects;

The supporting structure on which set the clamps is made up of aluminium vertical profiles with a high thickness of 65 mm section visible. The high thickness gives these profiles a high moment of inertia, which allows buildings with large distances between supports.

Finally, this system is complemented with other profiles and seals that allow accomplishing the most varied constructive solutions.

• Polyester powder coated colours;
• Wood effect paint;
• Anodizing;

Opening possibilities:
• This system doesn’t offer opening possibilities.