This system uses the basic principle of drainage and ventilation channels for the façade systems, including sections adaptable to different solutions, both for skylights and verandas. Valley angles, roofed skylights, angle rafters… all solutions are available to make the best of new areas giving exceptional lighting.

The profiles of this system are visible a interior section of 65 mm, while it depth varies according to needs of the static calculation (supporting structure, load of snow, the wind, etc.). Similarly, there is a huge range of pressure-applying covers of glass with several possibilities for adjustment, allowing like this to get the angles needed for each case.

This system for skylights contains profiles of connection with and without thermal rupture, which allow the use of any kind of opening.

A total tightness of the system is guaranteed by the seals group in EPDM, resistant to atmospheric agents.

• Polyester powder coated colours;
• Wood effect paint;
• Anodizing