System features

Opening system with thermal break and high thermal and acoustic performances.

APi Canal 16 system was conceived with a 16 mm chamber to allow the application of special hardware with three-dimensional refining for a bigger effectiveness in terms of performance and security.

APi channel 16 system allows 3 frames versions:
• Straight line;
• Curved line;
• Oval line.

APi Channel 16 system allows the application of double or triple high performance glass to meet the requirements of thermal and acoustic insulation, according to the nº 2010/31/EU directive.

With optimum thermal insulation and with the application of an innovative product called baguette ThermoProfile, APi Channel 16 system provides high comfort and high energy savings performances, meeting the requirements of Decree-Law nº 194/2015 and Ordinance 379-A/2015.

Aluminium profiles
• Aluminium profiles are extruded in 6060 architecture aluminium alloy according to NP EN 12020-02 norm;
• Thermal break is obtained by insertion of 39 mm insulated polyamide omega rods reinforced with 25% fibre glass;
• Aluminium profiles with average thickness of 1.7 mm.

Fixed rims
• 85 mm fixed frame section with triple chamber;
• Profiles with thermal break with sticks of 39 mm ómega type polyamide;
• Fixed rims with double quick grip square and alignment brackets for mitre mounting;
• Sleepers with dual union for more effective grip;
• Traditional fixed rims for the domestic market;
• Fixed rims with outer clip and 25 mm or 45 mm direct shot flap for the French market;
• Fixed rims with outer and inner clip and 30, 50 or 80 mm shot flap for the French market.

Movable rims
• 93 mm triple chamber frame section;
• Profiles with thermal break with sticks of 39 mm ómega type polyamide;
• Movable rims with double quick grip square and alignment brackets for mitre mounting;
• Inverter profile with lug for better implementation of the top inverter.

Sizing and maneuverability
• Minimum – maximum sheet dimensions: 491 mm – 1640 mm (L); 520 mm – 2840 mm (H);
• Maximum weight for windows or balcony doors with inward-stop up to 130 Kg;
• Maximum weight for entry doors up to 160 Kg/leaf;
• Opening possibilities: fixed, internal fitting 1 or 2 sheets with or without inward-stop, external fitting, hinged, projecting, harmonium and inward-parallel;
• Profile solution for pedestrian or balcony with interior or exterior openning doors, according to PMR standard (persons with reduced mobility);
• Filling for double or triple glass from 24 mm to 70 mm for the APi Channel 16 system;
• Three types of special ironworks for channel 16 with comfortable and fast three-dimensional refining and with high-quality superficial treatment: Ironworks UniJet C, UniJet D and UniJet CC hidden;
• The harmony of the UniJet C ironwork provides a fast, secure and efficient application of the APi Canal 16 system;
• The ergonomics of the UniJet D ironwork, a supreme elegance and contemporary lines of the aluminum profiles;
• The invisibility of the hidden UniJet CC ironwork grants a superior distinction;
• Tightness ensured by EPDM double joints (exterior and interior with central option) for the APi Channel 16.

• System certified for laboratory notified for Essays Initial Type (ITT) in accordance with the norm of product EN 14351-1 for the purpose of Marking CE.