System features

Hidden leaf opening system with thermal break and high thermal and acoustic performances allowing to occultation of the movable rim.

The AKi hidden leaf system allows 3 frames versions:
• Hidden leaf 1D (only for 1 doorpost leaf);
• Hidden leaf 2D;
• Hidden leaf 3D.

AKi hidden leaf system allows the application of double or triple high performance glass to meet the requirements of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Aluminium profiles
• The aluminium profiles are extruded in 6060 architecture aluminium alloy according to NP EN 12020-02 norm;
• Thermal break is obtained by insertion of 39 mm and 18 mm insulated polyamide omega rods reinforced with 25% fibre glass;
• Aluminium profiles with average thickness of 1.7 mm.

Fixed rims
• 75 mm or 99.5 mm fixed frame section with triple chamber;
• Fixed rims with double quick grip square and alignment brackets for mitre mounting;
• Traditional fixed rims for the domestic market;
• Fixed hoop with exterior clip and 25 mm or 45 mm straight shells.
• Fixed hoop with exterior and interior clip for 30, 50 or 80 mm shells.

Movable rims
• 71.6 mm triple chamber frame section;
• Filling for 24 mm to 34 mm double or triple glass;
• Movable rims with double squares for mitre mounting;
• Straight or bevel line aluminium bite profiles;
• Straight line inverter profile.

Sizing and maneuverability
• Minimum – maximum sheet dimensions: 457 mm – 1700 mm (L); 600 mm – 3000 mm (H);
• Maximum weight for windows or balcony doors with inward-stop up to 130 Kg;
• Possibilidades de abertura: fixed, internal fitting 1 or 2 sheets with inward-stop or hinged;
• Tightness ensured by EPDM double joints (interior and central), with insulated bi-material central joint;

• System certified by Initial type laboratorial test (ITT) according to EN 14351-1 product standard for the purposes of CE marking.